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@123toid – That’s some nice looking data with some very low noise. Which noise is a discussion that hasn’t, in my opinion, been had enough. Specifically, discussion of tests showing where the audible limit of noise is, where the audible noise becomes troublesome to listeners (where it sounds bad), buying with the rated 1% THD+N level above that of RMS on the drivers so that the driver’s RMS is lower than where the amplifier’s 1% rating is on Watts (for the examples here, it is around 100W that it starts its assent into higher distortion, even though 200W is fine; but the amplifier’s 1% THD rating is probably around 400W, etc.).

Also, is the noise more audible when dealing with high sensitivity drivers built for pro audio (a reason for THX to limit the rating to where THD+N is at 0.1% distortion, or whatever that standard is for PAs)? Especially if they are playing at or above 120dB?

In other words, it would be interesting to see their take on the necessity of their product with such a low amount of distortion and noise, which applications would best utilize their products, why they think home audio or professional audio would be a good fit for integration of their amplifier circuitry (and why it is not buying on extremely low distortion, which to their credit they have, but that is below the audible threshold so that lesser products can mostly accomplish the same thing without the additional cost). Now, even though these questions are pushing and challenging them, it should be noted their products are comparable in noise levels and outputs to other products on the market. So it is good to then see how they see themselves positioned in this market. That might include asking how they see themselves versus the Purifi 1ET400A or the Hypex Ncore. There are a couple other players with very low amplifier distortion, but these are all standouts. So asking how they see themselves in the current market relative to their competition is important.

As I said, their products look good and the numbers in testing look awesome. But, I am a lawyer, so asking those pesky hard questions for an interview is what I do (like justify your products’ uses or your place in the market). I don’t mean to offend, I think it is just good to get on the record and to better understand the company and the people making the products. Especially if they go into the nerdy nuances and get excited when doing so or being given the opportunity to do so. It shows passion, something very important for companies at the bleeding edge in their industry. Or at least something I like to see.

Hope that gives some ideas for things to ask. Especially that one on if the THD+N would be more audible with pro hardware cranked to high dB levels, something I’ve been more interested in with looking into building a PA (even though that project would not be built until next year, if being honest).

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