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@cristidumi There’s quite a wide range of coaxial drivers out there, if you are looking for cheaper ones, sometimes car audio drivers can be used depending on box requirements etc.

I presume you mentioned coaxials for use in/on ceiling, however there is the on-wall option where you place the speakers 30° up from the listening position, in fact this method is preferred by many, not officially supported by Atmos, however it is supported by Auro-3D, if you have a receiver/processor that supports Auro-3D, it can do upsampling even from Atmos. You can of course still use on wall for Atmos, but being that I don’t have either, and haven’t tried either, I don’t know how well the experience converts, just know the options exist. Either way, on wall or in ceiling will provide a much better experience than the “bouncy-house” speakers that go on top of ear level speakers, although I’ve heard those speakers that sit at ear level are still much better than having no height at all. Hope this helps 👍