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I implemented your advise on removing my resistor in front of my woofer; however, it induced large problems in the frequency graph which became expensive to fix in terms of crossover expense. Du to this, I switched out my woofer for a Dayton Classic 6 & 1/2 inch Woofer, came up with this crossover.

I did a short roll off in the end with the crossover to adjust for the Baffle step problem. There’s small spikes at 1.5K Hz and 3.5K Hz, but I could not figure out how to get rid of those. The crossover is very simplistic and very low costing, so I’ve also opened up more options to better my speakers. Are there any ways to improve my crossover or speakers in general, or did I make any big mistakes in my design.

I also mentioned in another reply that I was looking at amps, and an amp that falls in my range of 70/120 W is this. This amp says it includes a DSP with it, and I was wondering if this would mean a crossover would be unnecessary, or if a crossover would still be better to use in this case.

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