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  • prod-arhan

    June 17, 2020 at 1:49 am


    Wow! That was actually super helpful! I think I am slowly started to understand amplifiers a little more. I had never checked under that section of Parts Express, thanks for that. Regarding your mention of stereo vs mono, I was wondering what the difference would be in the context of the speakers. From what I know in music production, mono would make the playback audio the same for both speakers. I wasn’t sure if that applied in this case. What would be the difference between stereo and mono amps when applied to a set of speakers? Also, both types of amps would require two right, as that’s what I’m likely going to need for an active setup.

    You also brought up maxing out the power on the amplifiers to be a problem. I certainly wouldn’t want to do that, so how would I prevent it? Does playing at louder volumes change the amount of Watts going towards the speakers?