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Hey guys,

 I just started learning speaker design to design my own set of studio monitors. I wanted to be able to use them for music production. I’ve been doing some reading on design and watching some videos, and I’ve tried to come up with an active monitor design with a passive crossover. I have most of the stuff figured out, but my main problem is, I don’t know much at all about amps. Most of the time when I look for amps that I can use, there’s always something about a subwoofer; however, my design in only a two way crossover design with a woofer and tweeter. 

Tweeter: Dayton Audio ND25FW-4 1″ Soft Dome Neodymium Tweeter

Woofer: Dayton Audio DC250-8 10″ Classic Woofer

Passive Crossover:



These are the drivers I’m using and my crossover design. Would it be possible to receive some guidance as to what possible amps I can use to keep an active speaker setup while keeping a low budget?  Just counting the drivers and crossover, my expense is about $220, and I want to try to keep my spending under $350 if possible. Also, any tips or corrections in my process or design would much appreciated!



Glad to see the post worked!  A couple crossover tips first.  As a general rule, you should never stick a resistor in front of a woofer.  It will heat up way too fast.  So the first thing I would do is get rid of that resistor.  What was the prupose for it?  

Second, it looks like you have some cone breakup happening right around 2100Hz.  You might want to see if a tank cap can take care of this, but I think with the current crossover it might not be very helpful.

As far as an amplifier, you can use any really.  One that might be easiest to use at the begining is the Dayton KAB boards.  The have a volume potentiometer and leds that are plug and play along even a back panel mount

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