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  • tvor-ceasar

    June 17, 2020 at 2:36 am


    What I mean between the 2-channel (stereo) and the 1-channel (mono) amps is that:

    1. With the stereo amp, you would plug your stereo line out of your source to the left and right inputs on the amp and then take the left and right speaker outputs from there. With the plate amp, you’d have it mounted on one speaker with a speaker wire running to the other speaker.
    2. With the mono amps, you’d need one on each speaker. Then you’d hook your right line out from your source to the right speaker amp and the left line out from your source to your left speaker amp.

    It does the same thing, just a little differently. That’s all.

    You don’t even need to mount the amp(s) to the speaker(s). You could mount the amp(s) in a box and use it just like a stand alone receiver / amp. Just another option.

    If you look through 123Toid’s videos and posts here, you’ll find one on the ICE amplifiers. One really nice “DIY” way to get really good performance for much less cost than from a “Big Name” manufacturer.

    As far as “Maxing it out”, just keep the levels down to below distortion. That’s about the time you really start pushing the top end of the power from the amp. Truth be told, most people don’t use more than about 10-20 watts of real power when listening loud for extended periods of time. What you really want the extra power for is to be there as a “reservoir” so that when a particularly demanding piece of music comes along – that massive bass hit or that huge full band crescendo – so that the energy will be there and be able to be controlled. I doubt you’d really even want to hit the real 100 watt mark with the efficiency you are looking at. At that point, it’d be around 110 dB, and that’s loud.

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