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Posted by: @kempsfromlondon

Hi all,


I have in my possession:

4x Fane colossus 12MB

2x BMS 4544

2x P-Audio PH-3220 horn flares


I plan on slapin these in an X12 speaker ( removed link ), but I’m not sure how to design the crossover due to the two woofers impact on the process.


How do I measure the Z offset? Should i use both woofers during measurements as if there were only one? which woofer should axis displacement be calculated off? 


I currently don’t have access to Xsim, I have a DSP mic on the way and have heard that DATS is a good investment to make. Could anyone point me in the right direction in regard to getting the X-OVER started for this build?


Thanks, K


If both woofers will be used as one woofer, then you measure the z-offset with both woofer playing.  What I mean by using it as one, is will they be playing the same response.  If so, then measure them together.  If you are doing more of a 2.5 way, then you would measure them separately.  

This video is the easiest way to measure your z-offset:

This shows you how to import that measurement into xsim

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