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  • elliottdesigns

    January 13, 2022 at 11:31 pm

    @sailcs33 just remember, when measuring in your room (not right next to the driver), your ideal response is no longer flat but should follow a room curve, the most typical of which is the Harman room curve. Which has a downward slope past about 2khz if I remember correctly. It’s about 6db down by the time it reaches 20khz, and there is a similar slope but increasing in the bass frequencies, this one is based on preference and is between 3-10db. There should be some images online that should be fairly easy to find.

    If playing below 75db at the listening position it may be more preferable to have a V shaped response to compensate for how we hear differently at different volumes. The lower the max volume the more substantial the V response should be.

    These are all baselines really, in the end, it’s down to what you like/prefer.