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  • filax-diy

    November 26, 2021 at 8:59 am

    Thanks! Your feedback means a lot!

    If you look at the simulated filter response for the woofer you can see its effect (compare it to the woofer frequency response i measured without the crossover).
    The combination of notchfilters and lowpass with extra inductor takes away about 4 dB between 600 – 3000 Hz and flattens the woofers response. Also i found that this way the phase in the crossoverregion would be very good and giving nice summation. I experimentet a lot with different crossoverpoints (mostly way lower than the final one) and there were always problems with response being bumpy in directivity measurements while on axis being fine. This way its the best compromise i found between on axis and off axis response making the speaker sound balanced. Also price was a point to consider and this way would be cheaper than others i tried.

    I added 3 screenshots so you can see what the components are doing