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Been toying with the idea of a VERY inexpensive sub-woofer, eyeing on the price / performance /specific use ratios. Looking for something to go under the desk, so small/thin would work. Price should be a large factor, so sort low-high. Response should be down in the mid 30’s to high 20’s.

So off to the Sub-Woofer and woofer pages of PE again. Sub-Woofer pages start off at $16 US minimum and only go up. The first is one I already spoke of above. Has possibilities, but price adds up quickly. Next ones on the page are on back order and then the prices just keep climbing.


Woofer page. Sort again and #2 on the list a 6.5″ at just under $7 US. A couple of quick checks in my software show that a box of ~2 Cu.Ft. tuned to 33 Hz shows acceptable response. Throwing it into WinISD as Iso gives a fairly nice response from about 85-29 Hz. And if you tighten that up to 80-30 Hz, there’s only about a 1.3 dB differential over the band. To throw it out there even more, you’ve got 150 Hz @ +1 dB, 60 Hz @ +3.9 dB, 33 Hz @ +4.2 dB, and 27 Hz @ -3 dB. That’s using only 1 pair in the box for a total of around $14 US. And I think that would work well with my feet and legs basically enclosed by the desk foot well and the sub against the wall.

Now to design a preamp sub/sat filter for a 2.1 with some of the stuff I’ve got. Hope they have them down the road! 😀 

**Nick, I’m still designing the standers for the ESOs. Once I get through all this other life stuff I can start on them.

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