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  • ajc9988

    January 21, 2022 at 11:15 pm
    Posted by: @jrand


    I am going to start building a pair of DINAS soon but although I had not even finished that build, I am already planning a second one, also inspired by Toids design (actually, I would love to just be able to copy his design, as then I would be on the safe side considering mistakes, but I am having fun learning how to do it myself and understanding what goes behind building DIY speakers).

    I am a physicist by trade and in my specific field bode plots (or frequency response plots) are quite common, so I already have a little experience with filter orders, resonances, transfer functions etc. which, I guess is handy…? Also, I hope that this can serve to help with the community somehow if my knowledge can answer someone’s question.


    Either way, I love DIY and as music has always been something incredibly present in my life, I guess it was only natural until I would find myself delving into the DIY world of speaker building. I do not believe that this will become a full-fledged hobby, but I can imagine that I will probably build at least 3 pairs of speakers in my life….but…also knowing myself I can also imagine that that number will be 5…7…maybe even 10 at some point plus 5 pairs re-engineered, 6 modified etc. Oh well.

    At the moment I have been experimenting with winISD after checking several videos and will probably post some questions soon as well.

    I wish you all great builds and I would also like to thank Nick for his contributions to this community!

    So what software do you use to do simulations? Are you good at Comsol? If so, can you give some advice on setups of the software for doing simulations? I want to pick your brain.

    Right now I’ve used Inventor with NASTRAN and have done modal analyses, but I want to step up the simulations to do even better.

    My method is to start with WinISD for figuring out the rough size, the length of ports, etc. I then move to an excel spreadsheet to figure out dimensions and finalize roughly the size, etc. I then take that to Inventor. Then the simulations. Etc.

    Since you are familiar, I assume, with the simulation softwares, anything you could give on advice would be wonderful.

    Also, you need a DATS or similar to get the T/S parameters of the drivers (spec sheets do not always match). And a microphone for measurements (specifically a calibrated mic, the umik-1 from miniDSP is a good, affordable model).