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My concern is abit about the high frequency range. So technically the cinema 6 go to around about 18Khz whilst my current setup would got to 40Khz, the question is would  the ear actually hear the difference ? 

@tet If youd never had speakers that go above 20khz it would be an easy decision to make, 18khz as the max limit would be fine.

As you already have 40khz speakers there is a chance you ears will pick up the difference in harmonic distortion from around 17khz and above

Unfortunately the only way to find out if the reduced high frequency extension is going to be a problem for you is to hear the new option(s) in person. If you are not able to demo the driver first you’ll have to just commit and find out after its built

Josh Evans, Professional Live Sound Engineer, High End Commercial AV Install Technician

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