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  • cjwest10

    January 6, 2020 at 3:13 am

    I was planing on something like this for my A/V system but powering the subs with a separate amp. My home theater is also my entry way, living room and dining room. It isn’t ideal and the only way I can get power to rear surrounds is to lay flat speaker wires before I lay our new flooring.

    Also, I can’t fit anything larger that a 22″ below my window casing.   I’m not willing to compromise on that point because I spent a lot of time casing those windows and I like them.  With a reasonable reveal and some speaker feet, this means the max sub driver I can fit will be 15″ but 12″ might be more aesthetically pleasing.  I know, the struggle is real. Better sound or better looks.

     As far as learning new software, I’m generally good with that.  Designing UX on new software is my day job. That said, I still struggle with sound engineering terminology and have to look up a lot of things.