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Hi there.  I’ve very much a newbie although I’ve been following 123Toid’s Youtube videos for a long while.  I would say I’m more of a woodworker who is interested in making speakers rather than a speaker enthusiast interested in woodworking.  We recently purchased three large slabs of reclaimed spalted pecan that I want to turn into a modular home theater system.  To this end, I need to design and build two subwoofer cabinets that will be positioned in the front of the room.  The 12 inch Dayton Ultimax speakers are at the top of my list for drivers, although I’m open to other suggestions. According to the specs I think that I would need to purchase two 1000w Dayton plate amps too power the subs. At around $360 per amp, this is cost prohibitive for me.  My question is are there amp alternatives for my subs?  There will be a closed cabinet between the two subs where I will store the receiver and other equipment so I don’t necessarily need the amps to be part of the box.  Can anyone recommend a more cost effective way to get the most out of these drivers?  

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First of all I am jealous of your Pecan slabs 🙂  Live down south?  Seriously, that is awesome that you have that.  I feel your pain with the Dayton plate amplifiers. They really are expensive!  I completely agree they are cost prohibitive, especially with the alternatives, that can power both of those Ultimax subwoofers.  I would be looking at this Behringer Amplifier.  It is less than the cost of 1 plate amplifier and even includes DSP.  That way you can easily dsp your subwoofer for your room.  A huge benefit. Of course if you do not care about DSP, you could get the non DSP version and save about $50.  Personally, I think the extra $50 is well worth it.  You can put a high pass on it if you go ported.  If sealed, you can help extend the low end and even out the response due to room gain and or nulls.  Definitely a plus.    

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