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Yeah, I remember back when there was the dip switches. I remember cranking up BCLK over 200 on the classic Athlon XP and thunderbird chips. I didn’t overclock much when I was on the x386 chips growing up, though.

Nowadays, overclocking is easy with divisors and just setting the multiplier. Also with them now separating the bclk frequency from the frequency controller for the PCIe and MEM. Used to be you could overclock the bclk, but you then would make your memory wildly unstable, kicking errors, or you would have errors in the graphics and other cards because changing the one setting changed it for all.

So I feel your pain!

For the X399, I have the 1950X which is such a good overclocker I ran it at 4.1GHz most of the time when it was my main workstation. I then went back to an Intel platform for my daily driver (10700KF running 5.2GHz all core). I have it clocked to 3.8GHz currently, just enough that it can render 4K on the fly (I prefer software encode to Nvidia NVENC, although I have a gtx 1660 with the driver mod that unlocks so that it can use nvenc and nvdec unlimited streams at the same time). And, yeah, pretty much just to see how far I could push it. Seeing a 1950X at 4.25GHz was fun!

As to the 10gig NICs, I currently have an Asus rt-ax89x which allows for the server and my main system to both be routed through to each other, while still dishing up 1Gbps to the rest of the house. That was an upgrade from a cisco router I was using before which I was using teaming, but that just isn’t the same. I’m not saturating the NICs most of the time, but it allows me to move videos, etc. from my main system over to my server without having to wait and without anything else getting bogged down. The storage array can do over 1GBps reads, so the 10gig NIC is running roughly with calls on that array. Basically, we can have multiple people in the house streaming blurays from the server without an issue and without the NIC choking. Yes, overkill, but…

The media server is mainly what the storage is for. Backup of my BluRay collection. Direct remuxes. Not rips to lower quality. And I do have a decent bluray collection.

I was using the Cisco SG300-28 before changing things over.

Also, I’m a data retention whore. Except for tax documents which I have a distruction/retention program for (basically, as soon as the IRS allows you to get rid of it, DESTROY IT, SHRED IT, BURN IT, it’s for your protection), I have almost all the data I have created going back to high school and college. Other than that, it is mainly media. The reason I want to upgrade is to add a home surveillance system that has really high quality video. Also, I like to have it setup and not need it rather than need it and not have it. 76TB after redundancy should last a good long while. It also will allow me to store other family members’ photos/videos/data for an offsite backup for them.

Also, I plan on eventually playing with different solutions (other than PFSense) for creating my own edgerouter for my house. PFSense just doesn’t have the throughput and I cannot justify the price of some of the other firewall/routing software solutions that can support 40Gbps throughput yet. But, I have an old 4790K I used to use for a pfsense box that I play around with for a home lab. I need to play with wireguard and some of the new stuff coming out recently, I just haven’t taken the time yet to learn it.

Either which way, I’m sure if we need help, we’ll now know one more person we can reach out to.

Hell, I also use NTLite to spin my own custom Windows images, cutting out a lot of crap from MS. I used to do that through streamlining, then through the ADK (DISM), but the GUI interface is just so convenient.

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