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  • ajc9988

    December 7, 2021 at 4:19 am

    @opulentone – So, I’d put 50W in winISD, but I wouldn’t plan on using 50W. Now, without X-max, it is a crap shoot. You could guess at X-max. For a 6.5″ driver, 4-6.5mm for X-max is probably what you are looking at. For example, my SEAS U18RNX-P have an X-max of 6 and a Pe of 80W. So, throw something like 4.5mm (9mm peak to peak) for X-max, and 50W for the Pe and see what you get.

    Now, remember, you will have to use the Piston Diameter you just measured and remeasure the driver in DATS as the other values will change with the piston diameter being smaller.