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Thanks for all your time writing that out, after reading through it and trying again with the laptop I managed to find an udate for the drivers, windows 11 doesn’t update everything in the main upload, so now I have the correct cd quality on the recorder part of the settings. Whether it will still be there next time I open the laptop is another matter, but for now I think that part is resolved. I’m going to give DATS another try in the morning as it’s late here now, ill post the results once I’ve run the test. 

I have a box of resistors for circuit practice, which I bought to put together a summing circuit for a mono bluetooth speaker I’m building, so I may see if I can use a 1k to test and see if the DATS might be faulty, but that would take a bit of trail and error as I’m not sure how to set that up. But as I said before, I’m not completely sure it’s reading wrong. From the way the setup guide was written it seemed as though you retest until you get a reading between 995 and 1000 and then you know it’s calabrated right, but that doesn’t seem that likely to me, it seems more likely that my readings are just wrong. Anyway, thanks again for the help, ill be in touch tomorrow 👍

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