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Thanks for taking the time to reply, my problem is though that I have found the place where the settings should be, only they aren’t there. The option of 16bit 44100hz doesn’t exist in the drop down menus 


Im not sure if it even matters tbh, but I ran through the set up guide for DATS and it says that the Re number should be within 995 and 1000 when testing the clips attatched to the built in pins. Only I get a range of numbers, every time I run the test I get a different value, I had 1070, 965,972 then I gave up since I’m convinced this laptop doesn’t want to run it. The graph I posted earlier has also changed when shorting the clips, surely the graphs should be consistantly the same at least, even if the numbers were wrong I would assume the same value should be produced each time? 

So a recap of the ussues are 

• Changing imoedance values with each test 

• not having the right bit rate choice anywhere in the settings for the usb input 


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