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  • ajc9988

    December 3, 2021 at 11:08 pm

    @dameo182 – So, confirmed it is a generic USB Composite Device driver in the Universal Serial Bus controllers drop down in device manager. Pretty sure port will vary with your device (depending on where plugged in on the device, because the system maps out the ports and hubs for routing signals, so mine should not match yours).

    There also could be a permissions issue. Have you restricted microphone for apps at all on your device? Also, what settings are you using for Exclusive Mode (the square under where the default format is located)? Wondering if you have set it for exclusive and another app is grabbing it. Do you have USB Audio Codec Speakers and Line In set for default? If you didn’t select speakers for USB audio codec, then the signal being sent isn’t running out to the dats to run across the 1K Ohm resistor, which then you cannot get the reading.

    Trying to think what other things need considered because when I first plugged in my DATS, I couldn’t get it to work at ALL and had to go through all of this. I disable microphone in NTLite, where I make custom Windows images, so I had to go in, enable microphone, etc.

    Also, even though it is a generic USB audio codec, we might want to try installing a broad codec on your system as a catch all if these things do not address it. Something like Shark007 or whichever codec pack flavor is popular these days (tells my age).