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  • bigmasri

    April 5, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    @123toid I was inspired by your YouTube video to build one of these ICEPower dual mono amplifiers. The build was strait forward and the amp appears to work however I do have a few questions that I would appreciate your feedback. 

    My current setup is a Yamaha TSR-700 AV receiver with full surround sound setup minus a center. I’m using the pre-out for front L&R speakers to the ICEpower amp to power Emotiva t-zero+ tower speakers (4ohm). 

    I’m running into two primary issues.

    1. One, the FR and FL speakers are quieter then they where without the ICE amplifier. I have to turn the volume up much higher then before. Using the YPAO room correction on the receiver, the front left and right get a +3db boost while the surrounds get -4db cut. all of this just seems counter intuitive. My real issue is I’m turning the volume up on the receiver to hear dialog and quieter scenes and when action picks up I have to turn it way down. any feed back would be appreciated. 

    2. My second issue is the auto standby. I installed the jumper you recommend from Parts Express to the j4 header on the 200asc board but I don’t think the auto standby works. The LED on the amp never turns off and when I put my ear up against the speaker the faint amp noise never turns off. Is there an incorrect way of installing this. again any feedback would be highly appreciated