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  • foxaudio

    January 18, 2021 at 6:47 am

    Hey @ronl

    Thanks for your question, which I probably can not answer directly. My intention was to get the bass of the satellites as low as it can be, so I added a port and it turned out, when I designed the case with WINISD, that 80 Hz would be the best option for those small speakers. And I can say, closing that port with the hand, removes a lot of base response, so I think this port is very useful. As I’m using this in combination with the relatively big woofer, I thought the satellites need to reach down as far as possible. Also I think the crossover in the used amp is not so steep, so starting cutting off at 100Hz still had less than -3dB volume loss at 80 Hz.

    I haven’t measured those yet and I’m sure these could be optimized. But I’m pretty happy with the build and the sound. 

    I have them in my sleeping room attached to an Arylic S10 preamp which allows me to connect via BT, stream Spotify and so on. I have attached a fire TV Stick to that preamp and it works great for watching Youtube and listening to Music via Spotify.

    I’m looking forward building a new set for my workshop with the amp Toid just reviewed, where you could change the crossover frequency via the DSP.