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  • 123toid

    June 18, 2019 at 1:45 am
    Posted by: Phil G

      My Dinas in Walnut.  This is my first speaker build.  They turned out ok inspite my ineptness.  I’m embarased to post progress photos because of all the things that went wrong.  It was quite a learning experience and I’m sure the next build will be easier.  If anyone is interested in learning from my errors or in need of comic relief,  I can be persuaded to post progress photos.

    First and foremost…WOW!  Those are gorgeous!  I absolutely love them.  Please do start a build log of them.  We have all had our own issues when building.  Part of the camaraderie is learning from others mistakes.  I wish I could say I haven’t had any (I had one today..smh).  Please do share.  As well as how you feel about the Dinas in general. 

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