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  • ronl

    July 6, 2021 at 7:03 pm

    Another update from my building activities. Together with my son, we built a pair of DINAS-inspired monitors for his music studio.

    For the speaker line-up we used the same drivers as the DINAS. As we live in NL, we of course had to rework the dimensions to metric. For the amplifier we used the zoudio amplifierboard (https://zoudio.com/product/aio4ch/ ), this cost a few €’s more than the Lepai, however, it has DSP capabilities. The crossover and room-EQ can be handled somewhat easier than with the Lepai.

    After the first listening sessions we are already quite happy with the result. Next step to do is apply the room corrections to make it even better.


    Here is a picture to show off the result. (in the back my Dynaudio/Eton desktops, which now play together with a sub with the TB-woofer)


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