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  • ronl

    January 17, 2021 at 5:59 pm

    Hereby some pictures of my most recent builds:

    I used two PS95-8 for desktop speakers and added a TB W5-1138SMF to complete it into 2.1 system. The woofer is still playing in an MDF enclosure, but the PS95’s now play in a closed box from beech.

     Next was to add the same sub for the desktop speakers at my home-office. What shows to be a good extension for the low-end. The drivers at my desk are Dynaudio 17W75 and Eton 25SD1

    Next plan is to rebuild the boxes for the Dynaudio/Eton’s. A good inspiration was the two-color wood boxes of the Dinas earlier in this topic. I tried a sample of meranti in beech. This should become nice to look at while working 🙂

    A question: Does any of you have some experience with variovents, especially to build them yourself? The 17W75’s have a Qts that is a bit on the high side, so a slight improvement would possibly help to polish up the impuls response just bit.


    Greetings from the Netherlands.