Blog Forums DIY Amplifiers and Electronics Interest in a group buy for IcePower 400A2 units Reply To: RE: Interest in a group buy for IcePower 400A2 units


@123toid – Cool. Because if I can get around 6 to 7 accounted for before I do the buy, if I then have to use the other 4-5 in my own projects, I won’t be heart broken.

I basically want to use two of these per speaker for four speakers being built (so I am for sure keeping 8 and 12 are up for grabs). Eight at the regular price of $165 comes to $1320. The wiring kits are $9 a piece, so that would be an extra $72.

So, if I can get commitments to get the price down to that (like 7 units and 7 wiring kit or if people tell me they don’t want the kit, I can just grab fewer of those), then I will be no worse than if I just bought them for the higher price (better, because then I would have an extra 5 or 6 units around to put in future projects).

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