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BTW, for those wondering how you get the referenced drive voltage, Hypex’s manual for the SMPS1200Axx series gives an idea.

So, when looking at the Connex power supplies, please reference this to understand a bit more on the drive voltage for wiring.



And the Connex power supplies for the 800W now reads as the following ( for single ended operation mode):
Enhanced version of the previous SMPS800R with dual independent and isolated auxiliary regulated voltages, which can take any of the following values: 5V, 12V or 15V both the same values or different values, and can be tied either to Power GND or on the negative output usually used for class D amplifiers as Drive Stage supply voltage. For example for TA3020v3k Class T audio amplifier, one of the aux. outputs can be configured for 12V with negative output connected to V- to supply the bias votlage (sic) for power stage and the other one can be configured for 5V to supply the input stage of the amplifier. Another usage is as a four rail supply for high performance class AB amplifiers where the driver stage requires a 5-15V higher voltage than the power stage at a significantly lower current, to be able to optimally drive the power transistors for best performances.


Edit 2:

To discuss the amplifier with the power requirements, something I wrote elsewhere:


What does this mean?
It means you will HAVE TO supply the voltage of 45-75V DC to the P1 plug, along with a connection to earth/ground (negative is not ground).

Then, you have to CHOOSE between providing EITHER a 5V (4.5-5.5V DC) OR a 12V (7-17V DC) connection to the board. As the manual states in multiple places DO NOT USE BOTH.

Finally, you need Vdrive: a 12-17V POSITIVE current supply.

I hope that gives more information to those hesitant to get their feet wet.

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