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  • blehaa

    March 1, 2021 at 8:12 pm



    Looks great, your beating me on my build, all my parts just came in, I waited to cut to make sure I had nice tight fits, 

    If any one wanting to build this and using exactly what was recommended Here are the exact sizes I came up with. 

    GRS 10SW-4 is 10.125 (10 1/8) inches Diameter with a .5 (1/2)inch flange with a .375 (3/8)inch thickness (if you want to pocket it.  Giving you an inner Diameter of 9.125 (9 1/8) inches

    Dayton Audio SPA250 9.875 (9 7/8) inches x 9.875 (9 7/8) inches Flange is .3125 (5/16 thick) inch If you want to pocket

    Precision Port 3 inch had on outside Diameter of 6.5 inches with a .625 (5/8) inch flange, witch would give me a 5.25 inner diameter due to the flange. Does this sound correct for a 3 inch port? I have DXF Files to share to verify. 

    All parts will be cut out with a CNC.