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Update on specs: the Xmax is 10mm. For power, it is unclear. What they have printed on the driver is 50-90W. That doesn’t give much to go on.

For the crossover, it has an L1 of 0.19mH, an L2 of 0.37mH, and an R2 of 2.87 Ohms. That is what was supplied for the spec sheet. I do wonder if there are screws under the label for the backside of the driver where, if one were so inclined, they could go in and swap out the components. But, these are not mine and I will not risk destructive investigation for curiosity sake on a discontinued driver whose replacement, if not prompt, could be problematic.

Today, I plan to run DATS multiple times to generate averages, from which I can get an idea of exactly where the driver lands. Then likely a couple frequency sweeps and maybe plugging an amp into these to see where that bass is on the driver.

Either way, modeling puts it at just under 115dB at 50W, meaning it’s got some power. So if it does need DSP’d down for the high end to match sensitivity of the low end, it still would hit 112dB, if the spec sheet is correct. I’ll find out soon enough.

Note: the FR seen will not be in test conditions for a great reading, I just need to understand the trend lines and if the 3dB down under 200Hz is roughly accurate, which no reading is accurate under 200Hz without specific testing conditions (like high up outside, no cement around, removing reflections, while also looking for a low wind day, etc.; or build an anechoic or semi-anechoic chamber; or a Klippel near-field scanner). So this will not be that, but instead just to get an idea of what I am looking at.

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