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@mistersota e.g. hexibase uses 6th or even 8th orders to flatten out the response, but a ported enclosure is so much easier I will probably go with that. I am thinking of going with Lavoce WAF123.03 mids to get low midbass and more sensitivity. It has very good xmax which I want, because I can barely cross my 10s at 70Hz without hearing the intermodulation or what it was you were talking about in the midrange.

I have a sedan so 2×15″ even is a stretch to fit vertically pointed forward. But I’m going with as much cone area to get maximum efficiency.

I have personally bought almost everything used. Might be that Finns are more honest or might be good/bad luck, but everything has worked almost perfectly till now. I even bought a Focus fx3000d as my last amp, that is ancient by now, and it still gave me 3300Watts. The soundqubed that I own was also bought used at less then half the new price, and it was barely used, coils clear and surround was still stiff. I usually try to test everything as best as I can, but I have saved maybe thousands of euros by now so…

What should I really look for in a driver that has good sound quality and will produce both lows and midbass clearly? Some say tight spiders, some say loose spiders etc.?

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