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  • woldemort

    June 9, 2021 at 10:55 am

    @123toid The power Hogg 3 15 looks good, but it very inefficient and rather pricey.

    I am very interested in the new Punktkilde products. The 15 looks good on paper also, but I didn’t find if they have single or dual coils. I have a 2 ohm amplifier, so if they have dual 4 Ohm coils, 2 of them would get me to 1 Ohm. With box rise this could be usable. With dual 8 Ohm coils I would get 2 Ohms. Single 8 Ohm coils gets me 4 Ohms, which is halving my power. 

    The 15 also looks very inefficient compared to the SQL15 everywhere else, but the peak. Probably because of the big heavy voice coil.

    The SDX15 looks promising. I modeled 2 of them in 250l and it looks like they would need just a little more to comfortably tune to 25Hz, but it is close enough. The sensitivity is best in class from all the subwoofers I have modeled in WinISD. Only thing is I can’t find the power handling or the size of the coil, but 🙃 

    But I doubt I could get my hands on 2 of them for a reasonable price. I saw on some forum though that they are working on a newer model of the SDX15 with new basket, revised moving parts and the SDX12 motor. They got 30mm of xmax from the preliminary Klippel tests. They sai these could be pre-ordered in 2021, so maybe soon…