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  • woldemort

    June 12, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    @mistersota thanks for giving such an elaborate answer. I have played around with thw linkwitz filter, but I have heard to simulate it from 70hz to 15hz? And I have looked at the inductance changes also.

    This setup is going to be like sq first, spl second, so I would want to get as much output as I can from my sub.

    I thought I could just aim for the highest spl with the box, then tune it down with eq for my sq profile. Would there be a problem with this? And generally you’d wqnt a rising response of 3dB/oct from 200hz down. At least I’ve heard that on psaudios youtube.

    My current setup was a soundqubed hdx315 in 100l box tuned to 29hz as vest as I can, i measured it and it does peak at around 30hz with a rising response to that, then it continues in a straight line down to 24hz and drops.

    This is why I wanted to tune to 25hz, so the response would go all the way down to 20hz

    Tuning lower will also help with cone control and push down the problems that the port introduces.

    The subs are going in a “trunk wall”, which I have hears is the best way to get good sq, while still being able to play louder than infinite baffle. I think the quality of the sub would be heard better when they aren’t in the trunk like they are now.

    I would take the mx15s, but they don’t handle as much power as I’d like. As said I have 4kw pee sub and I have a um15-22 that I recently tried in the trunk and it couldn’t handle 2kw at – 5db gain. Something with at least a 2,75″ or better yet 3-4″ coil would be better. The sql15s have 2,75″ coils but they are superior in every other way to other subs I have compared at the price point. I’m so bummed they don’t ship to finland.

    Oh and I’ve never been explained how, but I have heard playing under Fs causes distortion, and low Fs drivers tune more easily low, that is why I would want something with an Fs of at least under 30hz,better yeat 25-20hz.

    I may have forgot something but😅.