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@woldemort 6th orders are overrated in my opinion. They will bring up the upper end, but I never cross above 70hz anyway, I can’t stand when I can hear where the sub is placed. I don’t use pro midbass drivers though, so my mids can play down to that crossover. 

I don’t really have much experience with either brand, but I can tell you that just because the ground zero is a xbl2 design having klippel tuning, doesn’t mean it’s sq based. With xbl2 drivers they often take xmax at 70%bl loss, when in reality, xmax of xbl2 subs is limited by distortion due to their high inductance. These problems can be mitigated with shorting rings, but I don’t know if ground zero uses them in those subs. If the difference between the spl and standard might be significant, but you should really look at the winisd model to see what actually performs better for you. If the difference is something like power handling, then you’ll have to ask ground zero whether the upgrade is worth it. 

As for b2 I really don’t know what technologies they use. All I know is that I haven’t heard anything bad about them. I am skeptical of any brand who claims to be äudiophile”. This branding usually caters to those who are not familiar with the science behind speaker making and thinks there is some sort of magic to make things sound good. My guess is that they might put more money into marketing than into research.

If I were you I wouldn’t worry too much about using that full 8000 watts. It is cool to see subs on that much power, but you’re only getting a few dB extras with exponential risk of blowing subs. I’d stick with the subs rating rms power, then 6dB of headroom for peak transients. 

With 250 liters of room, you have plenty of room to go with a high vas driver that is optimised for sensitivity, or even 18s if they’ll fit in your vehicle.

For what it’s worth, I NEVER buy used subwoofers. I’d say that 50% or more of the used audio gear I have bought or went to buy is burnt up. One time I spent $240 on a sub used, it was perfect looking and sounded good in the guy’s box, but when I got it home I tried to play a free air tone, and immediately I heard crackling. I ended up having to buy new drivers anyway and could have got something much better for the money I wasted used. Let my mistake be your lesson.

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