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It does appear that the Stereo Integrity is more sensitive, but it isn’t.  They are actually cheating or misleading you with advertising for their sensitivity. Notice that it states it is taken at 2.83v at 1 ohm. Typically sensitivity for an 8ohm woofer is taken at 2.83v (or 1 watt), when a 4ohm speaker gives it’s sensitivity @2.83v, it will actually give it  closer to 2 watts, giving it an artificial 3 more db of sensitivity (only because it is receiving more wattage). So when they state sensitivity at 1 ohm, they are actually giving the speaker 8 watts of power.  This is why all speakers should be giving a sensitivity rating at 1 watt.  That is it’s true sensitivity. So the SQL by Stereo Integrity’s true sensitivity is about 10db less (85db).  Which is almost identical to the Punktkilde and lower than any of the Power Hogg products (however, they do not state how they derived their sensitivity – so that may not be true).  

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