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@mistersota I have a semi-parametric equalizer in my dsp and I have a umik-1 that to measure the response. So making an spl box should be fine? Or should I make a series tuned 6th order? Wouldn’t that bring up the upper end? I calculated at some point that I should have room with 200-250l with a port tuned to 25hz and 30ms/m of air velocity at 8kw. I don’t really have the room for a 6th order if I don’t make the lower tuned side smaller than 200l.

I listen to a lot of electronic music, which can often go right down to or close to 20hz, but about everything goes and should go in this car also. Maybe I should tune to 27hz.

Right now I’m looking at b2 and ground zero. I’ve heard good about b2, but they don’t really talk about how they achieve their boasts of good sound quality. No talk about xbl2, shorting rings, interesting motor design or progressive spiders. If I see a pair used I might buy them. They are probably cheaper here, but I’d have to buy a rather high end version to satisfy my needs. And I don’t really have the money for them.

Ground zero boasts about using klippel to optimize their subs and some of their subs have won sq prizes in car audio magazines and shows. I am looking at the gzrw38-d2 and the gzhw38spl. They both have 3″ coils so I think they should take the power better than any 2,75″ coil. The spl has a ring for 3500w peak, so at least that should take 4000w. The gzrw38 has lower fs and more xmax. It’s 50mm of total xmax vs 45mm on the spl model.

The gzrw38 is so cheap I could buy them new right now. The spl I have seen used for the same price often. I could almost buy any ground zero subs here as they are so popular.

Do you have anything to say about any b2 aub or gz sub? 

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