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  • mistersota

    April 25, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    @ajc9988 If that’s all the SPL you want then the simulation looks pretty good. However, you really are better off going with something like the RSS315HF-4. It has many benefits for your application. 

    The mx subs are advertised as max excursion, and their main value is the SPL output they are capable of. In your case, you’re not using that. By contrast, the Reference HF line is specifically designed for low distortion, multi-way designs. They have crazy low inductance which would help you more easily cross them with your mid and they also have an aluminum basket. Here is a response without eq comparing it and the mx12 in your cabinet. 

     As you can see, the inductance is low enough to not bother eqing. The low end is also very similar. If you can squeeze out a little more cabinet volume its performance is even more impressive.

    Additionally, since the cabinet volume is larger, you could get a lower tuning with the same length port. This model is tuned to 21hz. With minimal eq (3dB or so) you could get an f3 of 21 hz. A true full-range speaker.

     Here are the SPL, excursion, and port velocity graphs. These are assuming a 200 watt signal with dsp applied.

    I hope this helps. The mx12 would be an adequate driver for your application, but not the best. If the price difference between the drivers isn’t too much, the hf12 would be a better fit IMO. 

    Since this thread is about the mx drivers, please PM me with any other concerns you might have about the hf12.