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@mistersota Excellent Build!  Love the idea of lower tuning, my friend and I are doing that on one of his subwoofers, but EQing it down due to cone excursion and port limitations. Looks like you got fantastic results as well.  I am curious what are you using for DSP?  I recently just got the Crown XTI 2002, but I haven’t messed with it yet. 


I am curious about your cone excursion and your port velocity with this setup.  I really like the setup, but I am not quite getting the same results as you in the simulation.  Did you simulate cone excursion and port velocity with your filters (aka 6dB eq boost and high pass)? When I do this, it looks like the power limitations for cone excursion are closer to 400w.  I might have the wrong information though.  I am simulating a 4 cubic foot box tuned to 16hz using a 6dB boost at 20hz with a 4th order high pass at 14hz. 



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