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I just found your Mini Earthquake video and am trying to use that as a starting point for a subwoofer build.

My issue is that I want to use a bigger driver and bigger PRs.

I am planning on using the Dayton Audio DSA175-8 6-1/2″ driver and DSA175-PF 6-1/2″ radiators.

I also plan on using 3/4″ MDF for the box.

I tried to use WinISD to plan my build, but I am a complete n00b at this. I absolutely and completely do not understand the tuning freq stuff.

With a box volume of .198 ft.³ (5.6 L), the Fh (?) is 87.29 Hz.

The F3 (again ?) appears to be approx. 78.79 Hz.

Is this good/bad?

Will I need to change box volume or will tuning the radiators be necessary?

I am including the driver/radiator info, just in case.

Any help will be appreciated!!!

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