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Looking at the PC83-8, it is actually a pretty good driver, spec-wise.

Sealed box (yours is 0.17 cu.ft.) starts it dropping at around 200 Hz, gently rolling of to a -3dB of approximately 95 Hz.

If you were to keep that box and add a 1″ port of around 2-7/8″ L, it calcs down to somewhere around 58 Hz Fb and a F3 of somewhere around 49 Hz. It’d be a fair chance you’ll like it better ported.

To illustrate:

Your tweeter is a 4 ohm unit with a higher sensitivity, so adding a resistor to pad it down will help tame it. I don’t have the time tonight to check it out, but maybe tomorrow.

If you go here: and find the frequency listed for the crossover itself (3500-4000 @ 8 ohm, depending on where you read), you’ll see that at 4 ohms it is crossing over quite a bit higher (between 6500-8500, probably around 7000+-). That, combined with the higher SPL rating is why it feels that way. Like I said above, pad it down and you’ll be much happier.

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