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Hi! I’m sure you will be able to make your own in no time. There is a spreadsheet called unibox which is a cool program. Then there is getting familiar with WinISD. There is Bass Box Pro (paid) and a couple others. Some books include Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, Bullock on Boxes, testing loudspeakers, etc. Then there is X-sim for crossover design (free). If doing your own driver testing, a DATS v3 for T/S parameters is worth picking up. Also, maybe a cheaper calibrated usb microphone like the UMIK-1. If splurging before going to higher cost ones ($1-3K for the higher cost ones), there is the Earthworks M23R (reference is what the R stands for), which is like $600 or $700 (I’d say build some speakers first, then get this, unless you have the money to and plan to use it a lot from the start). REW is another good program to acquaint yourself with.

Then just remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and take in what you can as you go.

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