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Thanks to everyone for the welcome. I’ll try and reply to my replies here so bear with me.


TVOR-Ceasar (Charlie) – I have just downloaded the software you mentioned. I had first seen these in a video series by Kirby Meets Audio. To be honest, I hadn’t intended to use them. I don’t understand the input values or what they represent, so interpretation of the results is beyond my technical capabilities. I was going to purchase a pre-built crossover that best matched the speakers. I do have soldering irons & a Fluke DMM but that’s about it.


 Ajc9988 – I had to look up a chart for relative noise comparisons to see where 97db is. It looks like it’s on the higher end between a hairdryer and a helicopter. I have never measured sound before, therefore I do not have a practical working knowledge of how this would translate into a listening experience. Onto the resistance of the speaker, I had read in the specifications that it is a dual 4ohm voice coil. I thought that there is an option to wire it up as either 4ohms or 8ohms. Is this not true? I was trying to take the speaker impedance into consideration after seeing that the wattage of amplifiers is greater, the lower the speaker impedance (which makes sense to me). Thank you for explaining the THD of the amplifier. I have been looking for an explanation on that for a while.


123Toid – It was actually your DINAS build that first got me interested in this. I had started looking at speaker build plans or kits available to just assemble. Nothing seemed to check all my boxes without going so overboard that this would be cost prohibitive. The room these are going into is large, and dollars to watts seem to add up fast.

I’ve spent hours on various websites adding things to the shopping cart, only to start second guessing my choices. TBH this process, which brought me here has been exhausting. When I first saw the Epique speakers you and Chris P discussed I was intrigued because of its outward performance. I didn’t want to go through the trouble to build speakers and not be able to see them actually move. So I guess, if the 8ohm resistance of the speaker will reduce it’s ability to perform with the amplifier I’ll need to rethink this. Thx.

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