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  • livinloudwithandy

    November 9, 2021 at 11:44 pm
    Posted by: @123toid

    Just in time to kick off the car audio season. If you want a little something for that car of yours, now’s the Time. We’re going to do a November giveaway for the car audio section. What do you have to do? Just be active on the car audio part of the Forum


    Create new topics, answer questions post pictures, just chat for fun. It is that easy. At the end of the month I will pick a random winner of those that are being active. 


    What do you win? That’s still to be decided. But it will either be cash or something car audio related. Either way, I’ll make sure it’s something that you will enjoy. If you have suggestions on what you think it might be or should be, let me know down below.


    E now go have fun! 😁😉


    HUGE SHOUTOUT TO NICK FOR THIS GIVEAWAY!!! Way to help the community