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  • ajc9988

    November 6, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    @123Toid – so far we have:

    1) Wiring and polarity

    1.1) solutions

    1.1.1) Battery testing a driver before install

    1.1.2) DSPs with phase inversion switches

    1.1.3) Need a calibrated mic at times to see the drop at the crossover point due to phase cancellation (more a diagnosis issue)

    2) Efficient spending of capital on assets (buying the right things to maximize one’s enjoyment)

    2.1) information vs chasing a dream


    As for my suggestions on easy mistakes:

    3) port length and box sizes (or people thinking they can make a small box, but with a large port which winds up making the box size larger than people expected)

    4) To stuff, to line, or to go raw – when to and how to use insulation in boxes

    4.1) some see the 100% fill and 50% fill from the LDC and other sources. There is also questions on what to use for insulation, looking for cheap foam alternatives to use (like memory foam bed toppers), and how much should be used (meaning just line everything, just the walls, effect if you insulate too close to the port changing the effects of a port, etc., or to try to fill the center of the cavity)

    5) Weights and Passive Radiator design

    6) How to brace

    7) thinking you can add insulation after the fact (not accounting for changes in air volume)

    8) Resistance – from amp to speaker, not properly accounting for loudspeaker Ohm rating or over working your amplifier; or under-powering a high Ohm speaker

    9) balancing sensitivity – how to bring down (a resistor) a tweeter to match the sensitivity of a woofer; effects of using that resistor on powering the speaker as a whole; making sure you won’t overpower that resistor

    10) thinking DSP can fix a bad box design or fix poor quality speakers, resonance, notches in frequency response, etc.

    11) other phase issues not related to polarity – distances and wavelengths, spacing, comb effects, etc.

    12) trying to do too much per project (biting off more than one can chew)

    12.1) this is more a general suggestion to get one’s feet wet and try to build boxes with only one or a couple new elements so that a person can better understand the process, what is happening with the variables selected, etc. It also is so that people do not feel overwhelmed at having to learn multiple aspects of speaker and acoustic theory, or even electrical engineering aspects, at the same time. A hobby isn’t a short race, it’s marathon. You have time to mature and learn more as you go. Don’t try to rush learning, because learning takes time. Just pick up a book and read. Learn until more comfortable on concepts. Even remember to look for white papers and papers in journals for theory. No one knows everything. But anything can be learned with time and patience.

    13) for car audio – trying to pull too much power off of a stock alternator

    14) damping of doors and other treatments for cars