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Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m planning on using a TPA3116 based amp board, which should be 4ohm capable. As I said I was more worried about the rise, but i’m glad to hear that’s less important.

As for the waveguide, I’m just using the stock one. (same tweeter of the C-note kits) link It’s quite shallow, so I guessed there would be minimal z-offset….

After posting I tried a few itteration and bumbed up the highs a bit. But as you said, it would be easy to adjust the resistor afterwards if i’m not happy with the highs. Crossover point is slightly lower too now.
This is the new response:

I also tried raising the z-offset to 1.5inch and that gave less problems than I anticipated, lowering it to -1.5inch though gave me a dip on the xo-point.