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Posted by: @bayilo

Hello DYI Community!

Your assistance is needed to design a passive crossover for a speaker with 4 drivers (1 tweeter, 1 Mid, and 2 woofers). The design input files (frd, zma, REW measurements…) are attached below. The attachment contains a tweeter data file named A1, a Mid driver file named A2, and two identical woofers files named A3 and A4. A three-Way design is preferred, however a two-way design would also be welcome. The speaker must include/use all four drivers.

I am reaching out to you because I have hit an hurdle and can no longer proceed successfully. Thank you in advance for your assistance.



It sounds like you want us to design a crossover for you?  I am sure you could hire one of us to do that, but that isn’t what this forum is for.  It is designed to help you as you are designing the crossover.  Look things over that we see as issues, ask you questions you might not have thought of, etc.  If you want to show us what you have so far and where you are stuck, that would be a good starting point.  You may need to post a few more times before you can post pictures though.