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  • 123toid

    February 25, 2021 at 2:04 am


    There seems to be a little confusion about baffle step loss in general. Generally speaking it is about a 6db loss.  However, this loss doesn’t happen at the baffle step frequency, it happens gradually over time until that frequency.  Looking at your graph, this looks less gradual and more like a drop off a cliff.  You should use the inductor in a way to help shape the frequency to slowly taper down to the baffle step. This site here, does a pretty good job of guesstimating the frequency at which your taper should end. Just put 3 data points.  The RE of your driver (which for just getting frequency, you can put any number in here, it won’t change anything), the width of your baffle step loss (ie 6dB).  For example when I input the data in for a 10″ baffle, it is telling me the F3 of the baffle step loss is 456hz.  So when modeling this, 456hz should be about 3db down an taper to the full 6db loss to around 900hz or higher. Keep in mind, the larger the front baffle the sooner this occurs (ie the lower the frequency). 

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