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Hi there Rivati, welcome to the forum.

Really the best sort of thing you can do for this project is use some sort of crossover (it’s not as hard as it looks and I would be happy to help you design one, and I’m sure others would be up for helping too). The only real way to have a speaker without a crossover is to use a full range driver (which don’t have much bass because they have to be small for high frequencies). I wouldn’t usually dismiss a full range design like that but you said two things, you need it to be loud, and for it to have big bass.

I noticed one of the specifications for your amplifier and control board said that it had control for the crossover for the bass region (a low pass). If it is a filter for this alone (and not a high pass too) then this wouldn’t be useful to us. If it had both we should be able to use this as a very basic version of a crossover if you aren’t too worried about sound quality.

It would be useful to know your size constraints and budget so we can help you pick the right drivers and enclosure.

I also have to use often since I live in England so I know how it feels.

As for links, you need to have had a few posts before you can add them as hyperlinks. Maybe introduce yourself in the introduction section. 🙂

Hope this helps,


Elliott Dyson – Owner of Elliott Designs (the YouTube channel) and 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student. -UK

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