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Another possibility is making a transmission line speaker with a pair of FaitalPRO 4FE35 4″ (4ohm) (currently $26 at Parts Express) (in series for 8 ohm equivalent). They are “full range” (90-20k) and a similar frequency response as the 6FE200, at least in the midrange area. Even though they are not quite as efficient, they are usually closer to your seating position which helps make up for that. Plus, you can build them slim and tall enough that you can place them close/against a wall and have a much greater WAF.

FYI, 2 – 4″ drivers are equivalent to a single 5.65″ driver. That’ll help with calculations. And since most AVRs limit the bottom end to the surrounds, that should help them survive.

Hmmm, I wonder what the 4″ Eminence driver pairs would look like – I might have a new idea, at least for me….

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