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  • splinter

    December 2, 2021 at 7:38 am

    After a week spent painstakingly filling flattening then priming a ton of screw holes and joins, I finally got the first coat of top on. Looks really nice in person, most of the gloss will flatten once dried. 

    Just finalizing my woofer fixings currently. I got 50mm Allen cap bolts but they’re only threaded half way up the shaft which isn’t enough. So I might have to glue 10mm plywood pieces on the inside to pack out the tee nuts, sigh. Could also get button head wood screws but haven’t found any suitable. I’ll have to be quite careful threading the tee nuts as the UM mounting holes are a good fit for my M6 bolts without much wiggle room.

    When assembling my three Cinema 6’s I only had one tee nut which failed, had to grind off the bolt head with a Dremel.