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Further reporting, the burn in session I performed did not yield any improvement in the drive. Furthermore, I purchased a second similar unit from a different supplier for putting my mind at rest, and guess what! The second drive also had similar bad measurements in DATS, especially the Fs which in this case registered at 59HZ not even close to the 45HZ advertised by Tang Band in their specs!

So based on my experience on buying two different similar speakers from different suppliers and both measuring bad either (a) Tang Band has very bad quality control, or (b) it lies on the advertised specs to push sales, or (c) it sells at discount the speakers that do not pass quality control to dealers which subsequently sell them to innocent consumers without a reference that they are buying a defective product.

I do not care if (a), (b) or (c) is true, or all of the three, but in any case Tang Band is not a brand I will ever trust again as a consumer. I plan to post a video on youtube to expose their shortcomings as a brand.

Thanks again Nick for your help. really appreciated.

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