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@mumbles202 – first, depending what errors exist, it doesn’t always interfere with the modeling.

Second, you filled in both Qes and Qts. Usually you fill in only one or the other (and at times only Qms). Fs is right. Vas isn’t filled in and differs from the sheet (4.85L). That should not be too big of an issue.

Third, You did not put in Le, which is listed under Levc on the spec sheet, which is needed to model how the driver reacts. It is the inductance of the voice coil. That is a large problem and needs fixed.

Fourth, despite my warning, you have Cms still as mm/N instead of um/N. Click on the measurement (mm/N) beside the box to change the measurement used, or move the decimal spot so that it reads 0.36872 mm/N.


Now, if you leave off one of the first three Qs, then that calculates the third without rounding errors (and for a sanity check, compare the non-rounded number generated to the spec sheet to see if they are almost the same. If not, usually the company is reporting incorrect specs or you entered it wrong for the other two numbers). But that should get you up and running.

Sorry, on my first cup of coffee, so if I missed something, I apologize ahead of time.

Notice, Vas on the sheet is 4.85, but the calculated value is 4.88. That is fine.

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